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Succeeding online requires planning and an understanding of student needs

Earlier this week The EvoLLLution posted an interview with Furqan Nazeeri, a partner here at ExtensionEngine. The site describes itself as “an online newspaper exclusively for and by those who understand higher education best.”

Here is their summary of the article:

“Higher education institutions across the United States are looking for ways to expand their reach while reducing their costs. This has become particularly pronounced given the steadily declining resources at their disposal and the increasing public pressure to keep tuition and fees at the lowest rates possible. In this environment, many institutions have turned to the online marketplace as an easy way to kill two birds with one stone, but succeeding online takes much more than simply putting content on the Internet. In this interview, Furqan Nazeeri reflects on some of the most common mistakes higher education administrators make in the online space and shares his thoughts on what it takes to launch truly successful online programs.”

You can find the article here.