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When Your LMS Doesn't Cut It: 6 Scenarios for Open edX in Corporate Training

Online training has changed...A lot.
Look at the innovation happening with Udacity, Khan Academy, HBX, and Lynda.com. 
But why is corporate L&D not delivering to a similar degree of innovation? Is it that LMS’s are constraining, hard to use, and poorly supported?
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What is a Custom Learning Experience?

We believe that organizations with a mission to do great things, things that really matter, can advance their strategy and mission through learning. But we think most learning, especially online learning, fails at this. It’s boring. It doesn’t stick. It’s antiquated. It’s hard. It all looks the same.  

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It’s not about discount rates, it’s about declining net tuition

On Tuesday, Inside Higher Ed published an article discussing the impact of rising discount rates across higher education institutions. The article hinges on the data shown in the chart below. It indicates discount rates now average 48.6% for first-time freshman and 42.5% for all undergraduates. These rates are at all time highs.

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Improve Your Online Programs: 10 Best Practices for Custom Learning Experiences

Higher education institutions, corporations, and non-profits are all investing heavily in online education. In fact, the online program management sector alone, the industry for providing services to enable online education (e.g., student retention, enrollment management, online learning delivery and student support services) is growing at an estimated 35% annual rate and is expected to be a $1.5+ billion domestic market in 2015.

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A Filmed Play is not a Movie: Improving Online Learning

Evolution of film making vis a vis online learning

Many early movies were simply filmed plays. Early producers simply applied a new technology to an existing cultural construct. The excitement, lasting for a short period of time, was the simple act of watching a play …

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10 Best Practices for Online Learning Program Development

When I was a professor (not all that long ago), designing a class was not much more complicated than “figure out what you want to teach, and then talk about that and give an exam.” Moving a course online within an online or hybrid program requires, shall we say, a bit more insight and planning. To give you …

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4 Models For Online Learning In Higher Education

For many online learning in higher education means either the use of online video-based for-credit classes or massive open online courses (MOOCs). While the research completed by ExtensionEngine (EE) confirmed that these are indeed the most common …

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You can do adaptive learning right now

The future of learning, if not overwhelmingly and obviously the near future of higher education, is in the powerful mix of adaptive, competency-based education (CBE), and gamification. (If you’re interested in exploring this in greater detail, Ryan Craig presents a very readable 

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Adapting the 5 Planes of LXD

A few months ago, I gave a workshop at Harvard University's Innovation Lab entitled “UX Design - An Introduction." The workshop was a good introductory forum for anyone interested in general UX principles and/or getting a better understanding for the process, inputs and deliverables …

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EdTech in Boston

LearnLaunch, one of over 300 organizations in the Boston area committed to promoting innovation in education to improve learning, is hosting an exciting event on April 14. The small gathering will feature …

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