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4 admission metrics can be enhanced with online learning

Faculty and the courses they teach are big drivers for exceptional students to enroll at a university.  Due to this, bringing impressive and engaging faculty into the pre-matriculation process can lead to a more successful admissions program.  However, the manner in which the faculty are involved, must respect their time and deliver results that are effective and far reaching. 
In launching 70+ online programs for 40+ institutions in the last 18 months, we’ve developed a framework identifying how online learning and specifically, custom learning experiences, can be used to enhance the admissions process at elite colleges and universities.
Custom learning experiences are high-end online programs not bound by off the shelf technologies. They use the latest advances in instructional design and learning sciences to drive true learning.  Additionally, they are delivered on a fee-for-service basis, instead of an expensive revenue sharing model.
This video series explores 4 admission metrics that can be enhanced through integrating custom learning experiences.  Specifically, these metrics are:
  • Increasing Awareness of prospects and total number of applications to in-person and online programs
  • Increasing Quality of applications through improving the knowledge among applicants of a school's key differentiators
  • Increasing Yield of incoming students by improving connections with accepted applicants before they matriculate 
  • Increasing Preparedness of probable matriculants before enrollment to improve their chances of academic success 
To access a 4-part series offering deeper explanations about how online learning can drive these 4 admissions metrics for your elite college or university, please click the video below.
Enhancing the admissions funnel in higher education with online learning