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A Filmed Play is not a Movie: Improving Online Learning

Evolution of film making vis a vis online learning

Many early movies were simply filmed plays. Early producers simply applied a new technology to an existing cultural construct. The excitement, lasting for a short period of time, was the simple act of watching a play …

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10 Best Practices for Online Learning Program Development

When I was a professor (not all that long ago), designing a class was not much more complicated than “figure out what you want to teach, and then talk about that and give an exam.” Moving a course online within an online or hybrid program requires, shall we say, a bit more insight and planning. To give youan idea of the kind of planning we think is necessary, our team put together the following 10 best practices for online learning program development.

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The edX family of learning platforms

By now we have all heard of edX—one of the major organizations who make MOOCs available to anyone who wants to take them. Courses on edX run on a codebase that is highly related to that of its two other platforms, one called edX Edge and the other—an open source version of the codebase—called Open edX.

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Create amazing online learning with no headaches and no revenue sharing

We help organizations create online learning experiences with no headaches and no revenue sharing. We are not an OPM provider (such as 2U) because we are not in the business of running your admissions program or sharing your revenue...but we do make your visions of an amazing online program …

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Online teaching can be personal

Online teaching is not face-to-face teaching. It provides a different, not always superior and not always inferior, experience for teachers and learners. The sooner faculty, staff, and administration come to this opinion, the better off students will be.

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Improve the applicant pool quality and intention-to-attend

Beyond a college’s faculty, its lifeblood is its student body. This is built, piece-by-piece, by a series of applicant pools that yield matriculated students. Thus, better applicant pools will, over time, result in a better student body.

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Improving alumni engagement

For many colleges the point at which it differentiates itself is the quality of its faculty and its curriculum. Historically, the only way for a college to expose its alumni to its faculty was to get the alumni back to campus on homecoming weekend.

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MOOCs & open source learning platform trending up

While the MOOC hype stage is definitely over, we have clearly moved into the productive stage where companies and higher ed are just quietly using the tool productively. Not only are MOOCs gaining in acceptance, the Open edX platform is a freely available open source learning platform for any organization who wants to create their own courses. What might you do with it?

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Building a community at the Open edX Conference 2015

As lead sponsor for the Open edX Conference 2015, we were thrilled at the turnout and the energy from such a diverse attendance — global attendance, higher ed & industry, IT consultants & internal IT staff. Clearly there is much excitement and activity around the Open edX platform.

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Writing an RFP for a MOOC

At ExtensionEngine, we see lots of RFPs. MOOCs (and online classes, generally) are what we do, so we thought a few guidelines would help these organizations put together an RFP that covers what needs to be covered. Here are our top 10 recommendations …

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