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Join us at the Open edX Conference in October 2015

Here at ExtensionEngine, we are quite excited about the Open edX platform, the community of developers and users, and our role in both. In case you don’t know, Open edX is a free and open source course management system (CMS) originally developed by edX as a joint venture between Harvard and MIT.

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Succeeding online requires planning and an understanding of student needs

Earlier this week The EvoLLLution posted an interview with Furqan Nazeeri, a partner here at ExtensionEngine. The site describes itself as “an online newspaper exclusively for and by those who understand higher education best.”

Here is their summary of the article:

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Call for input into Open edX Adaptive Working Group

As we recently described, Open edX recently launched the Adaptive Learning Working Group. All of its members are tasked in the next couple of weeks to put together a set of use cases for adaptive learning within the Open edX platform (and, thus, at edX.org) …

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Social Support in Adaptive Learning: The Next Frontier

I think both that you can’t ignore adaptive learning and that you can do it right now. That much I have been clear about. ExtensionEngine has designed and deployed several adaptive courses and we have several more …

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Corporate online education for marketing & sales

At ExtensionEngine we help companies implement online learning that meets their corporate education and professional development goals. Each client has a different need, and each one has implemented their learning …

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Improving student recruitment with online learning

The most well-known applications of online learning have been in for-credit courses or MOOCs. As we found in our recently published white paper, opportunities for differentiation exist with both the pre-matriculation and post-graduation applications.

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You can no longer ignore adaptive learning

A couple of weeks ago I attended the 3-day Knewton Symposium near Washington Square in New York City as part of ExtensionEngine’s ongoing efforts at keeping in touch with innovations and happenings in online learning.

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4 Models For Online Learning In Higher Education

For many online learning in higher education means either the use of online video-based for-credit classes or massive open online courses (MOOCs). While the research completed by ExtensionEngine (EE) confirmed that these are indeed the most common …

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You can do adaptive learning right now

The future of learning, if not overwhelmingly and obviously the near future of higher education, is in the powerful mix of adaptive, competency-based education (CBE), and gamification. (If you’re interested in exploring this in greater detail, Ryan Craig presents a very readable 

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Introducing Scott Moore

 My passion is creating great learning experiences that both work for students and make sense for the institutions providing them. As Chief Learning Strategist at ExtensionEngine my role is to help institutions navigate the transition to online- and blended-learning.

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