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Make Raspberry Pie on Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Here's a fun video on how to make your own raspberry pie. This year is much more interesting than most, since not only will the day be 3-14, but 3-14-15, which only happens once a century!

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Corporate MOOC: Extreme Content Marketing

Tim Mauri wants more people to have weight loss surgery. You see, Tim works in marketing for Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson medical device company that manufactures, among other things, instruments used for weight loss surgery. As the market leader in the weight loss surgery arena, it’s all quite simple for Ethicon: the more people who have weight loss surgery, the more instruments Ethicon sells.

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8 Inspirational UX/UI Examples

In my last post, I discussed my experience at the Boston Festival of Indie Games (F.I.G) and Adobe’s Create Now Tour. At both events I discovered different types of inspirational UX/UI examples that I’d like to share.

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