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Canvas & edX vs. Custom Learning Experiences - A UX/UI Designer’s Perspective

Canvas and edX cater to learning for the masses and it’s no surprise that their UX/UI (user experience and user interface) matches this approach. But what are the key UI/UX elements that make up MOOCs (massive open online courses) on these platforms? 

The challenge comes when you want to do something that strays from this learning path or alter the navigation items.

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4 admission metrics can be enhanced with online learning

Faculty and the courses they teach are big drivers for exceptional students to enroll at a university.  Due to this, bringing impressive and engaging faculty into the pre-matriculation process can lead to a more successful admissions program.  However, the manner in which the faculty are involved, must respect their time and deliver results that are effective and far reaching. 
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Deliver Distinctive Online Learning Programs in Higher Education

We’ve found that many centers for digital and online learning are operating at capacity with existing work, and are typically unable to take on new projects.  Additionally, most are experimenting with special projects that require specific skills and expertise.  For these two reasons, many of the world’s top colleges and universities turn to ExtensionEngine. 
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Is the OPM model dead?

A few weeks ago, The Atlantic published an excellent article on OPMs. The article was critical of both the revenue share model and marketing techniques OPMs use on behalf of not-for-profit higher education institutions. As a leading provider of custom learning experiences to higher education, an alternative to OPMs, we share this point of view.

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xMOOC vs cMOOC? Defining Common MOOC Terms

Over the past few years, the fields of education and technology have rapidly expanded.

Along with this expansion came a myriad of new lexicons, terms, and acronyms— many related to MOOCs.

One of the common questions I see about these MOOC terms is: What is an xMOOC vs. a cMOOC?

Here's the difference between the two:

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