Careers at Extension Engine: Building Relationships with Authenticity

by Extension Engine | August 23, 2022

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When we talk about careers at Extension Engine, our focus is always on our people. We value authenticity and transparency in all of our interactions with colleagues and clients, and we want everyone to see that — not only in our words but also in our day-to-day behavior. Our emphasis on these values is why we have a “People Operations practice” instead of a “Human Resources department,” and it’s why we structure our leadership as a PMO (project management office).

Our approach to hiring, training, and working with employees is based around management practices that are open and accepting. We want the process to include a humanity that, sadly, is often lacking in traditional recruitment and hiring practices, and therefore ends up lacking in the workplace itself. 

At Extension Engine, we prefer to build relationships that have long-term potential and encourage a growth mindset. We want our employees to feel inspired and satisfied in their work and when interacting with their coworkers. That may sound difficult, but it’s worth the effort to create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued. And we’ve found it possible, thanks to a few key practices, which we’ll cover in a brief series of posts.

We’re starting here with words from PMO Director Jae Lohan as they talk about the importance of authenticity in work and in life.


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