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Edvntr & Yola - Info. Session Event

Not too long ago, ExtensionEngine hosted an information session geared towards those interested in teaching abroad. This session was organized by Edvntr and featured Tu Ngo cofounder of Yola Institute and ELSA Corp, which won at SXSWedu Launch 2016.

Edvntr is an edtech startup that is engineering a web application that connects foreign schools with teachers interested in teaching abroad anywhere in the world. Edvntr has also roadmapped features to help teachers acclimate to their new enviornment via geo-mapping which will provide them with information about their location and local events as they explore their new home. Edvntr hopes their app will make the teaching abroad process less daunting and more readily available to all. They’ve begun their efforts by partnering with the Yola Institute in Vietnam.

The Yola Institute is a premier provider of educational services in Vietnam with the mission of empowering young minds to achieve their educational dreams. They provide a wide range of educational programs and products including:

  • test preparation courses in SAT, TOEFL, and SSAT
  • English language and soft skill training
  • after-school tutoring, summer camps
  • development of educational content

Tu Ngo, co-founder of Yola Institute and ELSA Corp, gave a first hand account describing life as a teacher in Asia. She detailed what teachers could expect to experience in terms of lifestyle, culture, and work life. The presentation was short and sweet and led to a lengthy and energetic networking session afterwards. Below are a few photos from that event. Ultimately, it was a wonderful event with a room filled with bright passionate minds who seek to improve education, some in the most literal sense, around the world.

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