Extension Engine

Enhancing the admissions process with online learning

Enrolling a new class begins long before freshmen set foot on your campus their first semester. Online learning has the capacity to reach out to students and build a personal relationship with them that can transform your pre-matriculation process.

To enhance your admissions process, we propose the following four steps:

  1. Sowing: An ExtensionEngine MOOC can broadcast your brand worldwide to attract the most desirable applicants
  2. Nurturing: An ExtensionEngine SPOC builds relationships with prospective applicants by providing them with an inside look at the learning experiences you will offer them as students
  3. Growing: SPOCs designed by ExtensionEngine increase student preparedness by responding interactively to individual needs
  4. Harvesting: A pre-matriculation SPOC by ExtensionEngine can maintain student interest to produce higher enrollment rates
To download this detailed report, covering specific examples of elearning in higher education for the admissions process click the image below:
Elevating Results in Higher Education with Custom Learning Experiences