Developing Online Learning Program for Center for Effective Public Policy

by Extension Engine | May 17, 2019

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Extension Engine, a leading provider of Custom Learning Experiences is pleased to be chosen to support Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR). This new initiative is dedicated to achieving fair, just, effective pretrial practices, every day, throughout the nation.

APPR, led by the Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP), will offer assistance to jurisdictions across the country to examine their pretrial systems and identify improvements that prioritize public safety, equity, and harm reduction. This project is part of the newly formed National Partnership for Pretrial Justice, a grant-funded community initiative launched by Arnold Ventures.

“Pretrial reform is a crucial issue facing our judicial system, impacting both social justice and national economic issues,” said Furqan Nazeeri, partner, Extension Engine. “We are delighted to be working with CEPP on this important initiative and support its efforts to advance pretrial improvements.”

APPR is an initiative developed to expand learning and research related to evidence-based pretrial justice, including use of the Public Safety Assessment (PSA). The PSA is a research-based risk assessment that provides judges additional information to inform their judicial decision-making. Extension Engine is working with CEPP to design and build the online portion of the initiative that will use a technology solution to provide technical assistance to jurisdictions across the United States to improve their pretrial systems, including fidelity in implementing the PSA.

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