ExtensionEngine Named One of Eduventures EdTech Companies to Watch

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We’re delighted to learn that ExtensionEngine has been included as one of Eduventures’ EdTech Companies to Watch.

At ExtensionEngine, we are shifting the conversation about online learning. We challenge institutions to think beyond the limitations of out-of-the-box learning technology and cookie-cutter courses created by revenue sharing engagements with online program managers (OPM). For those who create courses in-house, we encourage them to avoid limiting online learning and pedagogy to what traditional LMS solutions and off-the-shelf 

technologies support and to make the technology adapt to their vision.

In a continuously growing and competitive landscape, differentiated, authentic, and engaging online learning experiences will drive the future of online higher education.

Here’s what Eduventures has to say about ExtensionEngine:

"To many, ExtensionEngine may seem a cross between an online program manager and an online course provider. Our take is that is is a solution-agnostic and flexible platform that allows institutions to bring together different systems to support the development of distinctive, high quality online courses. Online courses are now a commodity. ExtensionEngine helps an institution develop courses more attuned to mission and the characteristics and preferences of particular departments and programs, as well as adapt to future technologies and techniques."

ExtensionEngine has helped a number of exceptional universities, corporations, and nonprofits, including Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame, ArtCenter College of Design, and Life is Good Kids Foundation.

We don’t like limitations, and we don’t believe in letting them get in the way of offering next generation online learning. Our custom learning experiences transport students and institutions into a different realm of online learning, one that is engaging, adaptive, convenient, and highly effective.

Thank you, Eduventures, for taking notice! If you are looking to create a differentiated program or course, let’s set up some time to talk.

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