How are you going to differentiate your online learning business?

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We exhibited at the DevLearn show in Las Vegas last week, and it was an interesting experience. Well, of course just being in Las Vegas is an interesting experience. But more relevant to the interests of our blog readers is the experience we had in our conversations with conference attendees.

For context: Many of our clients with training businesses have learned by now that learning technology conferences tend to focus on corporate learning and development professionals and internal employee training. The use of AR/VR for fire safety training might be interesting to some, but it’s not really what those with learning businesses care about.

And it’s not what we do.

So to make sure those with learning businesses could find us (since there is no Tinder app for conferences), we created a booth in the exhibit area that displayed one simple, but potent, question: “What are you going to do to differentiate your online learning business?”

And out of the woodwork they came!

We spoke to so many representatives from cool organizations who were starving for ideas on how to differentiate and create great learning businesses (even if they were not businesses per se but simply wanted to create learning for impact).We spoke with an eclectic group — a church, a beauty school, a software company, a defense contractor, a professional association, and more.

They all complained that the current learning technology available is really geared solely for learning and development (L&D). Many said that they are forced to stitch different technologies together, maybe even use a “learning experience platform” vendor as a front end, but that the costs and confusion of doing this makes their heads spin. And they are frustrated that there are few good sources of information on how to do all of this.

So here you go — some educational content that captures what we discussed with them:

We know that there is a need for more education, more discussion, and more idea sharing among those who have training businesses — and we want to help. Contact us to learn more.

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