How Project Collaboration Benefits UX Design

by Extension Engine | August 29, 2022

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Did you know that more than 50% of workers say their jobs rely on project collaboration?

Project collaboration has a huge role in many industries, but it’s especially important for user experience (UX) design. Teamwork inspires new ideas and fosters a safe space where employees trust each other. This can help your organization succeed.

What other benefits can your UX design projects gain through project collaboration? We’re here to share a few of the best.

More People Means More Ideas

It might seem as though focusing on a single idea from the beginning of the design process would optimize workflow. But, after all that work, if stakeholders decide they don’t like the design, then it’s back to the drawing board for the entire team. You can avoid this by making sure a few different ideas are in development from the beginning and then streamlining them along the way.

With more people involved in the UX design process, there’s a better chance of designing an experience that works for the largest audience possible.

Leveraging Strong Suits

Each UX designer considers some aspect of their skill set to be their strong suit. When these people get together to create something new, the project has a better chance of becoming something versatile and highly accessible to your target audience.

Team members will also learn from each other. You can gain a lot from online resources, but there’s nothing like watching other professionals in action. They can share their thought processes, and that means more inspiration for everyone involved. It also means colleagues can rely on each other when they’re stuck or need a hand with getting something done.

Learning to Accept Constructive Criticism

In collaborative workflows, some voices will be louder than others. It’s easy for creators to become protective of their ideas. But an encouraging team helps everyone open up to other voices and receive constructive feedback. How does that work?

Let’s say one creator presents their latest idea to the team, and the team suggests additional ways to focus it for the target audience or adding contrasting colors to improve readability. The opportunity to hear and respond to their colleagues’ input enables the designer to open up without realizing it. They won’t feel attacked if they can have an open dialogue about constructive feedback.

Is Project Collaboration the Right Move for Your UX Design?

If project collaboration isn’t part of your team’s creative process, consider adding it. Whether you want to encourage teamwork or simply streamline your workflows, you’ll be surprised at how much collaborative UX design can increase efficiency.

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