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How to Bring Your Online Learning Program Up to Its Full Potential [White Paper]

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Schools are realizing the grandiose potential of new technologies, but are now scratching their heads to answer questions such as these: How can my online program use 3D animators to create virtual worlds for online classrooms? How can my online program tap into cyber-replication of the vigorous discussion and debate that characterizes a vibrant college classroom? Where are the simulations that allow students to learn by manipulating variables and what-if scenarios?

These and a mass of other conundrums ultimately boil down to how can online programs actualize the potential promised by 21st century technology?

The key is to remove the limiting factor, the traditional learning management system (LMS).

Your courses should not be confined by traditional LMS technology. LMSs handcuff these courses into a “What am I able to do with this technology?” approach instead of the more meaningful “What learning experience would be best for the student at each point of the course?”

The latter calls for an LMS to be easily modifiable. When the organization allows this to happen, you’re able to match appropriate technologies based on the expectations and needs of your students and faculty. You’re not designing a course within the limits of technology; you’re choosing technologies based on the requirements of a course. This is the dream of online instructional design, and it’s what happens with a Custom Learning Experience.

Learn all about it in this white paper,  How to Bring Your Online Learning Program Up to Its Full Potential.

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