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Improve Your Online Programs: 10 Best Practices for Custom Learning Experiences

Higher education institutions, corporations, and non-profits are all investing heavily in online education. In fact, the online program management sector alone, the industry for providing services to enable online education (e.g., student retention, enrollment management, online learning delivery and student support services) is growing at an estimated 35% annual rate and is expected to be a $1.5+ billion domestic market in 2015.

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The fact is, developing an online program is drastically more complicated than developing an in person course. 

You have to consider how pedagogy, technology, and content all work together to create a remarkable learning experience. Your goal should be to not “film a play and call it a movie”; instead, it should be to create a program for your specific institution, according to your institution’s unique context. On top of that, you should clearly understand how you will fund the online program.  

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Be sure to think strategically when producing online programs and courses. Questions to consider include which learner personas you are targeting, what pedagogies you want to incorporate, and what technologies you hope to leverage. When having these discussions be sure to include experts in instructional design, learner experience design, and technology architecture.  Developing a competency based education program for international learners will require a drastically different mix than a social constructivist program for incoming students.

In the last 18 months we had 70+ online program product launches for some 40 clients including elite universities, corporations and foundations. These programs touched millions. Through this experience, we’ve developed an extensive list of best practices to keep in mind when creating remarkable and engaging online programs or, as we call them, Custom Learning Experiences.

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