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Online Learning 3.0 Webinar - May 11 at 1 PM Eastern

Think about the best class you've ever attended in person. Was it the best because you watched the instructor talk? Was it a great learning experience because there was a quiz? Doubtful. Yet that's what makes up a lot of online learning currently.

It's because video lectures and quizzes are the easiest and least expensive part of learning to move online. But it's not a great way to learn. In fact, it's pretty bad. But leading organizations are moving past talking head online learning to something more effective. More engaging, more efficient, more powerful. Using innovation, technology, and learning science, these industry leaders are evolving to reach the next generation of learning. 

Register now for the free, live webinar from IACET and ExtensionEngine on May 11th at 1:00 PM Eastern.


What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Define and recognize what Online Learning 3.0, 
  • View examples of Online Learning 3.0, 
  • How to build a practical plan to reach online learning 3.0.


Brought to you by the International Association for Continuing Education And Training (IACET), a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs and ExtensionEngine, the world leaders in building custom learning experiences, trusted by leading learning organizations like Harvard, Microsoft, Smithsonian, and Kauffman.