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Open edX Developer Demo, XBlocks [Video]

by Chris

See below for a video featuring two XBlocks we contributed for Open edX. What are Xblocks? In short, they are independent course components which offer a range of new functionality for Open edX. This includes simply annotating a picture, all the way to an modeling a circuit. You can read more here

The 3D Object Viewer allows users to upload .obj 3D models and use them as part of a course. Once live, students can inspect the object through rotating and zooming. Imagine how much easier it will be to learn about various protein structures, organic molecules, or complex airfoils.

The Charting XBlock allows students to visualize data on a pie chart and interact with it. Feel free to check out our code on GitHub

We will continue adding XBlocks to the Open edX community. Please let us know if you have suggestions for future XBlocks.

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