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Build, Co-Operate, Transfer: Why You Should Prioritize Capacity Building When Launching Online Learning Programs

There is an evergreen debate in higher education about outsourcing: Which services and capabilities are appropriate to trust to a third party, and which are not? Typically, outsourcing instruction and core academic functions such as advising are taboo, while administrative and operational activities, like payment processing, food services, facilities, and the bookstore, are deemed less sensitive. The conventional wisdom, in higher education and in other sectors, is that outsourcing is a good option to reduce costs, bridge resource gaps, and reinforce a focus on your own organization’s comparative advantages.

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Moravian College Partners with Extension Engine to Develop its First Fully Online Program, Establish Foundation for Further Innovation


Extension Engine, a leading provider of custom learning experiences, today announced it was selected by Moravian College to help the private, liberal arts school create and launch its first graduate business online learning program, a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (MSPA),and establish a foundation for further innovation and additional degree programs.

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Extension Engine Developing Online Learning Program for Center for Effective Public Policy to Advance Pretrial Reform


Extension Engine, a leading provider of custom learning experiences, today announced it is pleased to be chosen to support Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR), a new initiative dedicated to achieving fair, just, effective pretrial practices, every day, throughout the nation.

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From instructional design to learning experience design — why we changed the name of our service

Changing a name isn’t easy. A name is a vitally important indicator; it captures the essence of a person, company, or service line and communicates it properly. At ExtensionEngine we changed the name of our service from ‘instructional design’ (ID) to ‘learning experience (LX) design’ because it better captures the full range of what we do.

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UPCEA attendees signal where the online education market is

I am sitting at the SeaTac airport waiting to fly back to Boston from the 2019 UPCEA Annual Conference, and I thought I’d share some observations from my conversations with conference attendees.

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CHLOE 3: Online Learning Moves Closer to the Mainstream

Our colleagues at Quality Matters and Eduventures Research (the research division of ACT | NRCCUA) have just released the third edition of the The Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE): Behind the Numbers. The report is a hefty summary and analysis of data collected through a comprehensive survey of 280 chief online learning officers at colleges and universities across the United States.

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Three Regrets Institutions May Have When Signing with an Online Program Manager (OPM)

As we enter 2019, many institutions that have tiptoed around the digital landscape are coming to grips with the realization that online learning is almost certainly in their future, one way or another. One driver is declining overall enrollments; the latest statistics show a drop of 90,000 students — or a half of a percentage point — during 2017, the most recent period for which we have data. At the same time, enrollments in online learning increased by 350,000, or 5.7%.

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Two Issues Small Colleges Face in Online Learning

Student enrollments in online learning continue to increase but are very concentrated in public institutions and large private universities. Left out in the cold — and seemingly content to remain there — are the smaller private institutions.

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5 Baseline Expectations We Must Have for Online Learning

Goldie Blumenstyk’s recent column, “Online Learning Is Misunderstood. Here’s How,in The Chronicle of Higher Education, raises compelling issues about online learning.

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How are you going to differentiate your online learning business?

We exhibited at the DevLearn show in Las Vegas last week, and it was an interesting experience. Well, of course just being in Las Vegas is an interesting experience. But more relevant to the interests of our blog readers is the experience we had in our conversations with conference attendees.

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