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The Evolution Of Learning Technology And Education In The Information Age

For the last hundred years, many technologies have promised to revolutionize education. Historically, these technologies increased the reach of courses, at the expense of quality. However, MOOCs could perhaps be the first platform …

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50% of Universities Will be Bankrupt in 10-15 Years — A Second Look

One of our most popular posts this summer was “50% of Universities Will Be Bankrupt in 10-15 years”.  This article was a summary of one of Clayton Christensen’s talks on Disruptive Innovation. As a follow-up, we wanted to take a deeper look into one of the famous charts.

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Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age

In this interesting video entitled “Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age”, Mitchel Resnick, the LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research at MIT’s Media Lab, took a look at whether digital technologies are living up to their promise in terms of providing educational value to students.

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Putting MOOCs to Work Recap [Infographic]

Putting MOOCs to Work Bersin RecapWith rapid growth in the number of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and students, it was only a matter of time before corporate American sat up and took notice. Among those interested is the research firm Bersin by Deloitte, which has started a working group on MOOCs.

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Reconciling Scale and Quality in Education

There has been considerable excitement over the potential for massive open online courses (MOOCs) to provide education for unlimited numbers of students and at low cost. Over the past 400 years, …

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