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Corporate MOOC: Extreme Content Marketing

Tim Mauri wants more people to have weight loss surgery. You see, Tim works in marketing for Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson medical device company that manufactures, among other things, instruments used for weight loss surgery. As the market leader in the weight loss surgery arena, it’s all quite simple for Ethicon: the more people who have weight loss surgery, the more instruments Ethicon sells.

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Save The Date: Open edX Developer Conference

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Why Stanford Has Faith in Open edX [Infographic]

“Open edX could become the Wordpress of the MOOC space: dominant, ubiquitous, and the de facto choice for putting your course online.”

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50% of Universities Will Be Bankrupt in 10-15 Years

"50% of the 4,000 colleges and universities in the US will be bankrupt in 10-15 years". Strong words yet those are just some of the gems that HBS professor Clayton Christensen gives in this talk on disruption in higher education in which he makes this bold predication.

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MOOC Video Production Tips From 1944

Dr. Guo and others have done research on MOOC video teaching elements in an effort to better understand student engagement with the end goal of creating best practices to drive improvements in future MOOC courses. The videos that Dr. Guo and others have been looking at are the ones …

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