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Overview of edX Studio

The edX platform consists of two primary user interfaces: the LMS and Studio. The LMS is what students use to interact with the course material, the instructor and each other. It is the part of the edX platform that most people are familiar with.

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What is an XBlock?

XBlock is the SDK for the edX MOOC platform. It's a framework that allows the open source software development community to extend and enhance edX to meet future needs and is written in Python2. XBlock is one of the aspects of edX that makes it such a powerful tool.

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More Clicks Fewer Bricks: The Lecture Hall Is Obsolete – A Debate Review

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Overview of Open edX

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LXD: 10 Things To Know About Learner Experience Design

With the rise in educational apps, corporate e-learning and online degree programs, our UX team is faced with new and exciting challenges designing experiences that are focused on how people learn.

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