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LXD: 10 Things To Know About Learner Experience Design

With the rise in educational apps, corporate e-learning and online degree programs, our UX team is faced with new and exciting challenges designing experiences that are focused on how people learn.

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Student For Life

Huge forces are at play in higher education these days that are driving changes faster than at anytime before. The most obvious and striking change in education is the cost, which has more than doubled in the past 30 years when adjusted for inflation.

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Customizing Education

Picture a typical classroom of 20+ students staring at a chalkboard with a frazzled teacher at the helm. What if classrooms weren't defined by messy chalkboards and boring textbooks? A new wave of educational tools is coming and we'll no longer be limited by traditional learning methods.

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A/B Testing and Online Education

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Demographic Differences in How Students Navigate Through MOOCs

New research recently published by Dr. Guo at the University of Rochester and Dr. Reinecke at the University of Michigan looks at data from over 100,000 students who took edX courses in the fall of 2012 and was able to draw some valuable conclusions on design changes to MOOCs in general that will improve the platforms.

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