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Stay Interviews: A People-Focused Practice

As part of our People Ops practice at Extension Engine, we conduct “stay interviews.” A stay interview is a two-way conversation between an employee and a People Ops representative. Feedback from employees is critical to the health and success of any company, so you should always seek to understand and analyze what your employees have to say about your organization. We’ve found many benefits to this practice and would like to share our knowledge and advice for holding those interviews.

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How Project Collaboration Benefits UX Design

Did you know that more than 50% of workers say their jobs rely on project collaboration?

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Careers at Extension Engine: Building Relationships with Authenticity

When we talk about careers at Extension Engine, our focus is always on our people. We value authenticity and transparency in all of our interactions with colleagues and clients, and we want everyone to see that — not only in our words but also in our day-to-day behavior. Our emphasis on these values is why we have a “People Operations practice” instead of a “Human Resources department,” and it’s why we structure our leadership as a PMO (project management office).

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How to Choose a Learning Experience Platform

Think of the last time you learned something online. Whether you took a required course for a degree or professional development, or you explored topics such as creative arts or finance for fun, you were taking part in our now-ubiquitous option to study almost anything from the comfort of home.

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What Is Company Culture, and Why Is It Important?

Regardless of where people work or what they do, company culture is a hot topic for employees across the country.

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