Extension Engine

Reaping What You Sow

You've built up your company and you’re beginning to taste success — congratulations! What do you do next to capitalize on it? See what ExtensionEngine's Furqan Nazeeri has to say in the latest episode of "The Language of Business."

This episode is all about reaping what you sow — in a business sense. When is the right time to harvest the fruits of your labor, and what form does that take? Do you go public with an IPO? Expand the mission and product base of your business? Or do you just take the money and run?

The full 30-minute episode, hosted by Greg Stoller, features a panel of successful technology entrepreneurs, including Furqan and Jon Lieber, Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Metamark Genetics; Rob May, Founder of Backupify.com; and Ryan Traeger, Founder and CEO at achvr.