Speaking a Common Language: Industry Terms at Extension Engine and Beyond

by Extension Engine | January 12, 2023

Estimated time to read: minutes

As we addressed in our first post in this series, the language people use within a field changes and evolves over time. While this is completely normal, it can make it easy for people to misunderstand each other, even when they think they’re talking about the same thing. So it’s crucial for us at Extension Engine to clarify what we’re discussing when we talk to each other and to our clients so that we can create a successful learning experience for them and their learners. 

In this post, Senior Learning Experience Designer Lexie Bryan moves on from her discussion of her linguistics background and the issue of vocabulary inflation to talk about the differences between industry-wide terminology and client branding. She also explains how we talk to clients at the beginning of a project about what our shared words and definitions will be.


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