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Careers at Extension Engine: What We Mean by People Operations

We talk a lot about the value of our People Operations, or People Ops, practice at Extension Engine. Because it’s not the industry standard (most companies have an HR department instead), we know that it requires some explanation. 

We choose to have this practice because we see our employees not as resources but as individuals. So in order to better and more fully serve them as the people they are, we put the focus on “people” over “resources.” Yes, we’ll help you with your computer setup, but we’ll also help you maximize your talents and develop a learning plan to build your career into what you want it to be.

For more on our company culture, check out these blog posts on authenticity, transparency, humanity, and how to retain the best staff.

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Confronting Bias in Learning Experience Design: How We Do It at Extension Engine

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that bias is everywhere: in the people with whom we interact, in the technology we use, and even in ourselves. Whether it's conscious or unconscious, bias can and does affect the behaviors and outcomes all around us.

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Careers at Extension Engine: Valuing Your Humanity

Humanity is another aspect of a positive work environment that we prioritize here at Extension Engine. (We’ve previously discussed our approach to authenticity and to transparency.) Although everyone knows what the word “humanity” means, it may seem like a difficult concept to define in terms of workplace culture. But it’s an important one because, perhaps more than anything else, acknowledging and supporting your colleagues’ humanity fosters a situation where everyone can thrive. 

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The Agile Project Management Approach to Getting Work Done

When done well, project management work is invisible to people who aren’t directly involved in doing it. In some ways, that’s by design. There isn’t usually a reason to let everyone in on each behind-the-scenes detail of what happens to make a job run smoothly. That doesn’t mean, though, that every organization uses the same approach to project management, or that every approach is equally effective.

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How to Improve Organizational Culture Through Staff Learning

Employees are your most valuable asset, regardless of the size of your business. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain a strong organizational culture. Effective learning and development strategies for staff are powerful ways to enhance your organizational culture.

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