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Three Stages of Higher Education's COVID-19 Journey

Extension Engine helps higher education, nonprofits, and learning businesses create online learning experiences. Over the last seven years, we have focused on creating remarkable custom learning experiences. These are designed intentionally, over time, with an eye to differentiation and competing successfully in the client's chosen marketplace. As our salesman, my job is to find an organizational fit between a prospect and Extension Engine.

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The Four Decisions That Will Determine if Executive Education Rebounds After COVID-19

The Executive Education business is facing a crisis and a long-term change in its environment. What is needed is a commitment to re-inventing Executive Education in an online world. Leaders need to define a vision for online that incorporates the learning experience, platforms, strategy & marketing, and success metrics.

Finally, and most importantly, they must make four decisions that will determine if, when, and how much Executive Education revenue will ever rebound. Leadership’s answers will determine a school’s fate in executive education. 

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Delivering High Quality Feedback Using Technology

As the COVID-19 global health crisis continues and many universities are now delivering the remainder of their semester’s lessons remotely, educators must grapple with the issue of providing students feedback using a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods.

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Best Practices for Running 5 Important Types of Meetings Remotely

Knowing how to use Zoom or similar virtual meeting tools is only part of the solution to working effectively remotely. With Extension Engine's flexible work policies, offices in two cities, and staff across the US, remote meetings over Zoom have long been routine. Over time, we have learned how to run each type of meeting most effectively no matter how many, or how few people are in the same room with us. In the wake of the current global health crisis, we thought it would be valuable to share our best practices for running meetings with our network.

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