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Careers at Extension Engine: Product Designer

When you hear the term product design, what comes to mind? You’re likely imagining the evolution of a physical object like Edison’s light bulb or the first iPhone. If your own work is design related, you may also think of the most basic definition of product design: the creation of an item, from its appearance as an idea in someone’s head through to its development as a tangible entity. 

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Speaking a Common Language: Misunderstood Terms and Evolving Language

In our previous two posts about shared language, Senior Learning Experience Designer Lexie Bryan discussed the topics of vocabulary inflation, common industry terminology, and client branding, among others. Each of these concepts is key to working together to create engaging learning experiences and give  learners a clear, cohesive path to the knowledge we want to teach. 

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Speaking a Common Language: Industry Terms at Extension Engine and Beyond

As we addressed in our first post in this series, the language people use within a field changes and evolves over time. While this is completely normal, it can make it easy for people to misunderstand each other, even when they think they’re talking about the same thing. So it’s crucial for us at Extension Engine to clarify what we’re discussing when we talk to each other and to our clients so that we can create a successful learning experience for them and their learners. 

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Speaking a Common Language: Linguistics and Vocabulary Inflation in Our Industry

At some point, you’ve probably had a conversation with someone during which you misunderstood each other. It’s an inevitable part of being human. Even when we’re speaking the same language, it’s possible to get confused about the meanings of and subtexts behind words.

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Creating Transformative Learning Experiences with Learning Experience Design

The term learning experience design is having a moment. An increasingly utilized and recognized phrase within and even outside the field of online learning, it’s popping up in many places as people discover what this kind of design is all about.

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