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xMOOC vs cMOOC? Defining Common MOOC Terms

Over the past few years, the fields of education and technology have rapidly expanded.

Along with this expansion came a myriad of new lexicons, terms, and acronyms— many related to MOOCs.

One of the common questions I see about these MOOC terms is: What is an xMOOC vs. a cMOOC?

Here's the difference between the two:

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Putting MOOCs to Work Recap [Infographic]

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With rapid growth in the number of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and students, …

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Will MOOCs Burst the Higher Ed Bubble [Video]

Our Director of Instructional Design, Nathan Benjamin discusses if and how MOOCs will disrupt higher education. Additionally, he cites two programs institutions can adopt to transcend the coming turbulence. Stay tuned for more video updates from Nathan, …

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Open edX SXSWedu Panel Picker, Vote Now!

We are proposing the following panel for the 2015 SXSWedu, and need your vote!

In 2013, edX.org open sourced its technology with the goal of educating 1 billion students. This session will discuss how Open edX can become the platform of the future for online education.

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Reconciling Scale and Quality in Education

There has been considerable excitement over the potential for massive open online courses (MOOCs) to provide education for unlimited numbers of students and at low cost. Over the past 400 years, …

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Meet the Developers Behind the Online Education Revolution [Video]

ExtensionEngine has over 150 developers working on some of the world's leading online education platforms. In our video below, shot on location in Split Croatia, several of our developers discuss what it is like to be part of the online education revolution.

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Thinking about Building a MOOC? [Infographic]

Two years ago, the New York Times cited 2012 as the "Year of the MOOC". That same year, EDUCAUSE released a report titled, . "What Campus Leaders Need to Know About MOOCs" We recently investigated their report this month, …

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3 Trending Topics from the Learning with MOOCs Workshop [Video]

We had an incredible experience last week at the Learning with MOOCs Workshop. In the video below, ExtensionEngine's own, Nate Benjamin, describes the 3 major topics covered during the event. Specifically, these topics are instructional design, data analytics, tool development.

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What is a MOOC? An Updated Glossary of 28 common MOOC terms

A theme that emerged in the sessions at the Learning with MOOCs Workshop was the need for collaboration across industries to continue to improve the effectiveness of MOOCs.

Each industry had a unique perspective and an ability to obtain unique data sets that will help us reveal the true value of MOOCs.

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Drowning in Data: The Biggest Hurdle for MOOC Proliferation

August 12th: Afternoon Session

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