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Using Open edX for online training to generate revenue or create impact [Webinar Recap]

ExtensionEngine teamed up with Jennifer Gormley, Senior Director, Product at McKinsey Academy to present a webinar on “Using Open edX for online training to generate revenue or create impact.”

Our goal was to bring actionable advice to attendees who are looking to deliver distinctive online training programs without being constricted by traditional learning management systems.  To access this on-demand webinar, click here

Specifically, we dive into what Open edX is and why leading global organizations adopt it to deliver modern pedagogies, achieve online learning 3.0 experiences, and gain freedom from the constraints of a traditional LMS.

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of Open edX, including its three key components: LMS, Studio and Xblocks
  • When Open edX is a good fit for revenue or impact generating online training
  • How McKinsey used Open edX for McKinsey Academy to drive a 93% completion rate with over 10,000 learners
  • What Open edX is “out of the box” and how it can be customized and extended including adding: eCommerce and payment functionality and custom pedagogies like adaptivity
  • Resources for more information including development partners, details on the open source community, and how and when you might want to contribute

Open edX can be a very powerful tool to drive your online training programs and it has a heavily supported community. As Gormley mentioned, “We chose Open edX and continue to be impressed with the team at Open edX for the flexibility and I think that there is constant growth both from the vendors who are working on projects and from edX themselves.”

To access the full on-demand webinar, click here.