What is a Custom Learning Experience?

by Dr. Scott Moore | June 13, 2016

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We believe that organizations with a mission to do great things, things that really matter, can advance their strategy and mission through learning. But we think most learning, especially online learning, fails at this. It’s boring. It doesn’t stick. It’s antiquated. It’s hard. It all looks the same.  

What’s more, Online Program Management companies (OPMs), lock institutions into long-term contracts and take 50 to 70 percent of tuition revenue.

We've worked with 70 clients on 250 projects and have spent over 500,000 hours developing online learning — programs that touched millions of learners. From this, we discovered an opportunity, to create an approach to learning unlike any other.

We call this approach, custom learning experiences.  It offers unique and powerful learning that leverage the latest in learning science and advances in technology to engage the learner and create true learning.  This approach can be applied to any organization looking to advance its strategy and mission, not only higher education institutions, but also corporations and not for profits.


Building a Custom Learning Experience

We are a service provider that takes comprehensive approach to create custom online learning, providing strategy, learning experience design, product and project management, and marketing services. We have extensive experience building learning experiences offering adaptive learning, competency based education, and social learning.

What’s more, unlike OPMs we do not conduct revenue sharing or lock our you into ridged, long-term contracts. In our model, all revenue and IP remains our yours and our services are flexible to scale up and down over time according to your needs.

Because to build online learning that truly impacts strategy, you need a learning experience that screams “this is us, this is different.” 

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Dr. Scott Moore

Dr. Scott Moore is a former Principal Learning Strategist at Extension Engine. In this role, he led the global Custom Learning Experience practice. He worked with dozens of nonprofit, higher education, and learning business organizations as they considered using online learning to support their mission and margin, using his deep understanding of organizational dynamics, online learning, strategic differentiation, decision-making, and more. Prior to joining Extension Engine, he was a faculty member, administrator, and dean at Michigan Ross and Babson College for 20+ years. He holds an M.B.A. from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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