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When a broken elevator becomes an online learning experience

At Extension Engine, we’re experts at creating custom online learning experiences for all of our clients. That’s because learning itself runs deep in our culture. To us, any experience can be a learning experience.

So it should come as no surprise that when the elevators in our building were shut down for repairs, it wasn’t enough to simply post the token “Elevator Out of Order” signage in our building lobby.

Sure, it would have been easy to instruct all Extension Engine visitors to exit the building and use the stairs in the next building to find us, but something as rudimentary as that is not our reflex.

I grabbed a few people from user experience, instructional design, and development disciplines to quickly brainstorm some ideas on how best to get visitors from our lobby to our other entrance, which doesn’t require the elevator.

The key criteria were to make it fun and simple while giving visitors a choice on how to path.

The solution was a 20-inch-by-30-inch sign that gives all visitors two choices:

Option 1, "Raise Your Hand" — Visitors can ring the wireless doorbell that is built into the sign and wait for someone to come greet them. 

Option 2, "Extra Credit" — In the spirit of personalized learning, this educationally inspired option instructs visitors to scan the QR code on the sign, which then launches an image-based walk-through with step-by-step instructions to get to our other entrance.

If a visitor wants something in between the two choices, we have provided perfectly sized instructions to photograph with a phone.

I know what you’re thinking…cool idea, but maybe a bit overkill.


But, as I mentioned, learning runs deep here at Extension Engine.

Fun learning experiences like this keep us sharp and ready for our next client project.

If you’re visiting Extension Engine anytime soon, here’s a link to the mobile walk-through. No excuses for getting lost.

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