Who Can Use an Online Learning Platform?

by Extension Engine | July 12, 2022

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Online learning offers potentially billions of learners worldwide plenty of opportunities to boost their knowledge and gain new skills. Are you interested in a flexible schedule that allows you to work at your own pace? Are you looking to apply critical-thinking skills while satisfying your love of learning? If so, then online learning is for you.

An online learning platform (OLP or e-learning platform) allows you to access learning in innovative ways unimagined by previous generations of learners. Different types of learning platforms are designed to meet the varying needs and styles of diverse individuals.

Are you interested in how online learning platforms can be transformative for you and your organization? Read on to learn more.

Who Can Use an Online Learning Platform?

Anyone eager to learn can benefit from an online learning platform. Choosing the right platform for each learner depends on individual needs, learning styles, and goals.

Different platforms are designed with distinct purposes in mind. For example, Udemy is a popular niche learning platform. Courses cover many topics. Udemy enables you to learn about music, finance, automotive skills, Microsoft Office, and numerous other subjects covered by more than 185,000 courses.

Coursera is another popular learning platform. Partnering with businesses and universities worldwide, this affordable, accredited platform offers professional certificates that have helped its learners stand out to employers. More than 200 businesses and universities have worked with Coursera.

There are many other outstanding online learning platforms. Each one of them provides  learners an opportunity to build skills and knowledge according to their individual needs. The benefits of online learning include self-paced curricula and the flexibility to learn while holding a job.

Why Implement an Online Learning Platform?

Are you a school, business, or nonprofit considering implementing online learning? By offering your students, staff, and stakeholders an online learning platform, those potential learners and your organization have much to gain.

Rich online learning offers value to any organization. Schools can further their educational mission, businesses can help employees gain skills that generate revenue, and nonprofits can expand their reach. All of these organizations stand to drive greater impact for their stakeholders.

Research confirms that e-learning has led to a 42% boost in revenue for U.S. organizations. It also cut the time and cost associated with traditional training. For example, IBM saved $200 million by switching to e-learning.

With the right learning platform, you can design programs customized to the needs of your organization and your learners. Offering these learning opportunities tells prospective learners that you want to help them grow even while they maintain their everyday responsibilities. Learners have much to gain from online learning platforms, and so does your organization.

Engage Professionals to Build Your Bespoke Online Learning Platform

So, who can use an online learning platform? Anyone who wants to learn and grow, and any organization willing to help them!

If you’re looking for more guidance, Extension Engine is here to help. We work with organizations to help them develop the best platform for their needs and the needs of their learners. Contact us today if you need help choosing an online learning platform and building a custom learning experience.

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